Billie Eilish House: An inside look at all the Houses

by Alivia
Billie Eilish House

Hello friends, today we will explore Billie Eilish’s All Houses through this post. You might have visited various websites and searched to know about Billie Eilish, how many houses she owns and where those houses are located, but you didn’t get the right answer there. If you want to know about Billie Eilish House: An inside look at all the houses owned by Billie Eilish then read this part well till the end.

Who is Billie Eilish?

First of all, before you know about Billie Eilish’s house, you need to know Billie Eilish well. Billie Eilish is an American singer and songwriter. She is known for her unique singing style. In 2020, she won the Grammy Awards in four major categories: Best Album, Best Record, Best Song and Best New Artist. She is one of America’s youngest talented singers at present. After she gained her popularity nowadays she is also very viral on social media.

Billie Eilish was born on December 18, 2001, in Los Angeles, California. Both her mother and father were artists. Her mother Maggie Baird was an actress and theater teacher. Her father Patrick O’Connell was also an actor. She also has a younger brother. Her brother’s name is Phineas O’Connell. Billie was just 13 years old when she sang as a singer in 2015 with a song called “Ocean Eyes” and gained popularity from this song. Although this song was written and produced by her brother. Currently, she and her brother are releasing various albums together.

Have a look at Billie Eilish Luxury Houses

Highland Park House

Billie Eilish’s 1st luxury house is located in the Highland Park area of LA, California and her family bought this house in 2002. At the time the house was worth $240,000, this house is a 1208 sq. ft area. This house Billie Eilish built is currently worth around $800,000 as of 2023.

Spanish Mansion

Billie Eilish’s second luxury home is located in Los Feliz, LA. Billie Eilish bought this house for $2.73 million. Spread over 2800 square feet, this home has 5 bedrooms and 3 and a half bathrooms. The mansion is 95 years old but still has great charm, with a French stained glass window, oak floors, a sweeping staircase spanning 2 stories and arched doorways. There is also a sitting room downstairs and a fireplace off that sitting room. It also has a dining area and a tiled kitchen.

Malibu Cottage

Malibu Cottage is Billie Eilish’s third luxury home, usually located between Pacific Coast Highway and Las Flores Beach just south of the Malibu Pier. This house is spread over 1250 square feet and is a very popular house due to its beachfront location. The price of this house is about $5.2 million dollars. Billie Eilish built this house in 2005. This home has two bathrooms and three bedrooms. The design of this house is a bit unique and its floor is made of hardwood and this house is made by an open plan.


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