Troy Landry House: Inside Troy Landry’s Luxurious Mansion

by Alivia

Today we will discuss where Troy Landry House through this post. If you want to know where this popular television personality Troy Landry lives and also where his famous luxury houses are, then read this part. Through this post, we will discuss in detail where Troy Landry has properties and where he lives.

Who is Troy Landry?

Troy Landry is best known for his appearances on the reality television show “Swamp People.” He is an American alligator hunter and television personality. He and his family became popular among the public when he starred in the reality show Swamp People. The show, which premiered on the History Channel in 2010, follows the daily activities of several Cajun people living in the Atchafalaya River Basin swamps of Louisiana as they hunt American alligators during the short alligator-hunting season. Troy Landry was born on June 9, 1960, in Pierre Part, LA. We have no information about his parents or his siblings.

Troy Landry, a native of Louisiana, is one of the featured hunters on the show and has gained a significant fan following for his distinctive Cajun accent, unique personality, and skill in capturing alligators (crocodiles). He often works alongside his sons, Jacob and Chase Landry, and the trio has become a focal point of the series. Troy Landry’s role in Wetaland People has made him a recognizable figure in the realm of reality television. The show has provided viewers with a spot into the challenging and dangerous profession of crocodile hunting, highlighting the risks and rewards associated with this unique way of life in the wetland of Louisiana.

Where does Troy Landry Live?

Troy Landry’s current home is located in Pierre Part, LA and this is where he built his luxury home. Including his house the place where the place is located is spread over an area of 1860 square feet. His house is built in 1000 square feet area out of 1860 feet area. This home has 3 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms. The interior of this house is very carefully designed and its windows and doors are very attractive. The house consists of a kitchen room, as well as a living room and dining room. There is also a swimming pool outside the house and a car garage on one side of the house. The current price of this Troy Landry home is $265,800.


We hope that by reading this post you have learned about where Troy Landry’s house is and how many rooms it has, as well as how much it is currently worth. If you like our post then you can share it with your friends and family.

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